Daniel Rozbesky

Principal Investigator

Daniel is a Research Fellow at Charles University in Prague. His research is primarily focused on the structural biology of signalling molecules and cell surface receptors that play central roles in neurobiology and human disease.


Daniel received his PhD in Biochemistry from Charles University in 2013, and then joined the lab of Yvonne Jones at the University of Oxford for his postdoctoral training (2013-2020). In 2020, he returned to Charles University to set up his lab in the Department of Cell Biology at the Biocev research institute. 


Adam Schrofel

Research Staff

Adam gained his PhD in Material Science from the Technical University of Ostrava in 2012. His expertise is mainly based on electron microscopy techniques relevant to cellular or structural biology. During his postdoctoral work at Max Planck Institute in Dresden and Flemish Institute of Biotechnology in Brussels, he received extensive experience with cryo-electron tomography, single particles analysis, conventional scanning and transmission microscopy.

Atul Kumar
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Atul Kumar gained his PhD in Biotechnology from National Chemical Laboratory, India, in 2009. During his postdoc work in different laboratories such as Aix-Marseille University (France), Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC, CZ) and CERMAV, University of Grenoble Alpes (France) and Biology Center, Czech Academy of Science (CZ), he gained experience working on structural and biological aspects of proteins involved in host-pathogen interactions (carbohydrate-protein).

sobol margarita.tif

Margarita Sobol
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Margarita received her PhD in Biology Science from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. During her postdoctoral work in the Center for Biological Research (Madrid, Spain) and the Institute of Molecular Genetics (Prague, Czech Republic), she gained an extensive experience with light super-resolution and electron microscopy. Her research interests cover the structure and functions of plant cell nucleoli, the phospholipid-protein complexes during mitosis, and the ultrastructural architecture of replication forks. 

Nicola Koupilova

PhD Student

Nicola is a graduate student focused on molecular mechanisms of neuronal guidance and connectivity. She gained an MSc degree in Biophysical Chemistry at Charles University in Prague. In her spare time, she plays volleyball, squash and badminton.


Farahdokht Nourisanami
PhD Student

Farah is a PhD student focused on molecular mechanisms of axon guidance. She gained her master's degree in microbial biotechnology at NIGEB in Iran. In her spare time, she reads books, plays badminton and listens to music.

Dominika Rozova

Undergraduate Student

Dominika is a master´s degree student working on structural and functional studies of MICAL signalling in cytoskeletal dynamics. She gained her bachelor´s degree in Medicinal Chemistry at Charles University in Prague. In her free time, she works as a tennis
coach and enjoys time doing many other sports.

Krystof Knapp

Undergraduate Student

Krystof is an undergraduate student focused on molecular mechanisms of actin disassembly catalyzed by avian MICAL protein. He is studying for a master's degree in Biochemistry at Charles University in Prague. While not in the lab, he plays the trumpet and listens to music.


Iva Flaisigova

Lab Manager

Iva studied organic chemistry at Charles University. She has extensive experience from academic as well as commercial spheres. In her spare time, she plays the piano a guitar.